Top 10 Greatest Sci-Fi Books (according to the Internet)

Recently, I have been interested in finding a list of the best science fiction books of all time. Being a geeky-dad, no time for reading (Audio books!!) a fan of sci-fi, and wanting to expand my own reading list, I thought it would be helpful to tally the results of my search and preserve them here for future reference.

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Douglas Adams - 1979
Douglas Adams - 1979
I really love the cool combination of humor, philosophy, and sheer nuttiness of the entire series.
— Scarbrow, Reddit

Foundation Trilogy

Isaac Asimov - 1942
I was literally in awe at the way Asimov wrote... The entire thing was so extremely well thought-out and well-written.
— Scarbrow, Reddit


Dan Simmons - 1989
...One of, if not the most bad arse and brilliantly thought out monsters in science fiction history.
— bluntstick, Reddit

Snow Crash

Fast-forwarded free-style mall mythology for the 21st Century.
— William Gibson.

Starship Troopers

The movie and book are different in every way except for the fact that they both involve a war with bugs.
— Ragnrok, Reddit

Ender's Game

I’ve never felt so connected to a character within the first 50 pages as I did with Ender.
— endtype, Reddit


Without it, there is no Matrix.
— HenryKillinger


John Steakley - 1984
In a personal depiction of self-torment and violence; a man willingly turning himself into a sociopath, into The Engine...
— c4tch

Heir To The Empire

Timothy Zahn - 1991
This was by far the best Star Wars novel made.
— Herebec

The Mote In God's Eye

Intriguing and suspenseful...the scenes in which the humans and aliens examine one another are unforgettable.
— Amazon

Have any of your own suggestions? Let us know in the comments!