Repair Diary: iPhone 6 Liquid Damage Assessment/Repair

iPhone - Liquid Damage

I always try my best to get any device back to normal functionality when it has been soaked in water, unfortunately this one was unsuccessful. 

This iPhone had been dropped in a swimming pool, pulled out and set aside in a hot place to dry. Unfortunately, this often causes more damage than good as drying can leave corrosion on the board. 

Some liquid damaged phones appear to be working, this is due to corrosion on the components (resistors) when the components are shorting together, cleaning the board may remove the short circuit but may result in the handset no longer powering up at all. I would often replace the battery and thoroughly test the device before making a final decision, my success rate is around 50% but entirely depends on what happens immediately post-water damage!

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It's important to remember that most mobile phone manufacturers do not entertain any form of repair on liquid damaged handsets.