npower. Bills. LOL



So, your comfortably paying your monthly DD for your duel fuel? Good for you!

I was happy with my current service, making sure I paid the monthly direct debits, dairied the monthly meeter readings, did them, checked my usage online, turning off the lights when I leave rooms (even if my little one was playing, she has a torch...) but I wasn't too happy when I checked my latest bill.

I never really pay any attention to the numbers, except the bit under 'BILL' or 'PAY NOW' but I found I was fighting back the sh*ts and hysterics to figure the hell out of the jargon they provide for reference.

So, how much?

Yes, that much.

£ 3,328.65




It's ok, you see, when you call them up and tell them your bill is over three grand, they tend to #facepalm - and instead of freaking out I found a few pages on Google search for 'npower overcharging 2015' which gave me a little more hope.


Providing I have not siphoned 3k worth of Gas into my underground garden silos I'm assured this was an error, just like the rest of them. I'm fortunate to have spotted this early, and wise enough to keep tabs on meter readings and fuel usage. 

As of today (10th Sept) I have not received an amended bill...... Guess we'll just have to wait for npower. Maybe if I submit a meter reading everyday I'd earn myself a discount? #facepalm again.

Have any experience in this yourself? Let us know in the comments below - I'd like to hear your stories!


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