iOS 11.3 upgrade issues for iPhone 8 screens that have been independently repaired.

Apple, we need to talk.. again. #facepalm

The recent release of iOS 11.3 has completely disabled the touch functionality in many iPhone 8 devices with screens repaired by independent repair shops, when those phones had worked previously post-repair, according to a report Tuesday by Motherboard, . Apple is yet to comment on this issue.

The iPhone 8 update issue is the latest focus point in a series of disagreements between Apple and independent repair shops, individuals and communities like Rockt Science.

We recall that in 2016, customers sued Apple over "Error 53" glitches, in which iPhones were bricked after third party repair companies replaced touch screens and the TouchID-enabled Home button, which Apple acknowledged that year was part of TouchID security.

In early 2017, Apple adjusted its longtime policy and announced that third-party iPhone screen repairs would no longer violate standard warranties, as long as those repairs did not damage the casing or other related components. Apple also made their proprietary calibration device "Horizon Machine"  available to authorized third party repair shops. However, these essential tools are limited to Apple's strict and monopolized authorized repair centers.

Additionally, Apple has continued to oppose "Right to Repair" laws in the US, which would force manufacturers like Apple and Samsung to provide essentials like repair manuals and repair parts to the public.

Like most of the consumer electronics industry, Apple opposes such legislation, believing that only authorized technicians should perform repairs. However, movements such as The Repair Association in the US and The Restart Project in the UK disagree and believe that if you brought it, you own it and you should have the right to repair it any way you choose.

Meanwhile, for those with AppleCare+ Apple's own iPhone 8 screen repair costs £25 but this does not apply to the back glass, which costs £356.44 - the back glass is easily cracked and retained with a significant quantity of glue and is essentially fused into the case assembly itself.

We want you to be fully confident when leaving your device with us for repair. So, we are continuing to monitor this situation and ensure any iPhone 8 screen replacements are performed using our original quality parts and tested thoroughly throughout.

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