Art of the Glitch: RDKL, Inc.

As previously showcased, John Bumstead of RDKL. Inc. has created awe-inspiring art just by capturing the moment a graphics card decides to it can no longer function.

The ultimate demise of a graphics chip provides some beautiful spectrums of colour and pattern but now you can buy his art an pin it to your bedroom wall (or garage, man-shed, kitchen, toilet, etc) or wear the leggings!

I asked John how he felt about his art hitting the market and becoming immortalised:

I never really thought of this as “art”. For me it’s just something I do to amuse myself, considering I work with broken computers all day and see lots of broken ones. It’s only the fact that other people are taking interest that’s made me realize I may have something “art-worthy” on my hands.
There is so much great art out there that I am continuously amazed that people would specifically find this interesting, especially since people fail to find interesting so many things that are important to me. But I’m really happy about it. The fact that these images, in whatever form, are starting to make their way into the world, is very exciting.
— John Bumstead

I wanted to share some of this art again as I find this stuff pretty amazing. I'm generally uninterested in art but John's work is simple, creative and #geek

Interested? head over to John's page at Society6 and check out some of his work.